Fahri: I was in the Coalition Self Red and White

Foto: Lamhot Aritonang
Foto: Lamhot Aritonang

Jakarta – Politicians PKS Fahri Hamzah suspect outsiders who intentionally want to create an internal party was solid. One of these issues Fahri deterioration of the position of Deputy Speaker of the House.

Recognized Fahri, he is critical MCC cadres loyal to the Coalition and the Red and White (KMP). He also admitted to not give up and will try to defend KMP.

“These days there are people who mess KMP, ruffled Golkar, PPP, and successful. And it ruffled KMP. And, in KMP was no thorns, named Fahri Hamzah. Yes I will not give up, maintain KMP is absolute , “said Fahri in the office of the DPP PKS, Jl TB Simatupang, Jakarta, Monday (01/11/2016).

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